Screen printing, Digital Printing and Embroidery all produce varying finishes on Textiles with endless finishes available to the correctly skilled Artist. The key to a good finish doesn’t necessarily lie in the finish itself but more so with what the customer perceives to be a good finish.

A Screen Printed Transfer is produced by flipping the original artwork and producing the image on a Silk Screen the wrong way up for a normal garment Screen Print. The image is then printed onto a coated paper that has a powder glue applied to it, this is then cured and the transfer is ready to be heat applied via a heat press, quite the process right?!

Yes it is but the finish that you get is perfectly flat, moderately glossy and perfectly finished. Transfer prints are commonly used where we need to print on hard to mount locations on a garment such as a pocket or where a garment has a lining and cannot be mounted onto a carousel pattern.

You will pay more for a Transfer print, but if its the finish you desire then it will be well worth the cost!