Organic & Fairtrade Products

We are trying to reduce the impact of Textiles and Fast fashion and are urging our customers to do the same.

For a very small increase in cost you can use a product that is Sustainable, Organic and produced under the Fair Wear Foundation Guidelines. A product that you can feel good about, shout about, wear comfortably, wash and more than likely outlast anything that you have previously purchased.

We are proud to supply Stanley and Stella products, Organic Cotton, Sustainably Manufactured and Fully Accreited by GOTS, Confidence in Textiles and the Fair Wear Foundation. For the full Catalogue Click Here or browse through some of favourite and popular styles below:

General Merchandise

We appreciate you may not be ready to make the switch to a more Sustainable product right now due to budget or style restrictions so we are still offering a full more general range of Merchandise

Below are a selection of our more popular styles that are mostly covered under the WRAP certification for responsible textiles, our full catalogue can be found here